Standard Technology Tools Checklist For
Early Childhood


Battery Interrupter:  Quickly adapt any battery-operated device for switch use. The copper disk fits between the battery contacts and a battery in the device for switch access.

Big Red Switch:  A 5” switch for single switch access.

BIGmack Communication Aid:  Voice output communication device with single message output.

Cheap Talk 4:  Voice output communication device that allows the student to communicate a message by touching one of four 2" colored squares. Depending on the model, external switches or scanning options are available.

Cheap Talk 8:  Voice output communication device that allows the student to communicate a message by touching one of eight 2" colored squares. Depending on the model, 6 levels, external switches or scanning options are available.

Click It®:  A software program for making “point and click” software accessible for students who use the IntelliKeys® keyboard and/or switch.


Computer Control Panel:  The Control Panel of each computer has accessibility options. (The options available vary depending on the computer model and what has been previously installed. If there are options that a student needs, please contact the SFPS Assistive Technology Coordinator.)

To access the options: Start: Settings: Control Panel: Accessibility Options: Keyboard, Mouse, and/or Display.

Cordless Big Red Switch:  A switch that allows for Cordless control of electrical and battery-powered devices from up to 25 feet away. Four modes of control:  direct, latch, timed seconds, and timed minutes. Works with either a Cordless Receiver or Small Appliance Receiver available from AbleNet.

Cordless Receiver:  A device that is ideal for working with battery-operated toys/equipment that move or when the student needs to be farther away from the device than what a corded switch allows. Requires a Cordless Switch to operate. For instructions see Cordless Big Red Switch. 

Dynamo:  Portable communication device with a dynamic black and white screen display, which uses recorded speech and allows access to several levels.

Flip & Talk:  A communication system that consists of a spiral bound set of 15 vinyl strips with picture tabs. Vocabulary can be placed on both sides of the strips giving access to up to 30 categories of symbol strips. It is available in large and small sizes.

Four Compartment Communicator:  A compartmentalized communicator. Place objects, pictures, picsyms or word cards in each of the four compartments; record message for each compartment; press down on the corresponding colored switch for voice output.

Instant Access to Living Books:  Adaptation for Living Books software by Broderbund to make Living Books accessible with a TouchWindow®, IntelliKeys®, or switches for scanning.

IntelliKeys®:  A programmable alternative keyboard that plugs into the keyboard port of your computer. It works with any software that uses a keyboard, mouse or switch.  A set-up overlay is used to customize settings.

IntelliPics®:  A software program that is used for creating multimedia reports, presentations and activities. It features animation, graphic and sound collections. It also has a quiz option available. Use with Overlay Maker® to create overlays for your IntelliPics programs.  

IntelliTalk®:  A software program that is a talking word processor. This program provides voice output for entered text.

Microsoft Word® - Word Processing Options:  Student preferences for contrast between the background color and the text color, size of font, and type of font can all be changed within the MICROSOFT WORD PROGRAM. Once a document is open the settings may be changed and also saved for that document.

Object Communication System:  A communication system that consists of real objects that are attached to laminated 4x6 cards to be used for communication, transitions or choice making. Picsyms are attached to the card to reinforce the transition from objects to symbols.

Overlay Maker®:  A computer program for creating custom overlays for any activity that is made with IntelliTalk® or IntelliPics®. These programs create the keys for the overlay by sending the activity into Overlay Maker. Overlay Maker is then used to edit and print the overlay. It also allows you to create keys to perform multiple actions.

Pal Pad:  A flat membrane switch activated with the slightest touch. Available in three sizes: large, small and mini. May be used with the Sequencer to allow students access to pre-recorded pages from a book.

PECS:  The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) focuses on the initiation component of communication, which is used in a variety of settings. Students are taught to approach and give a picsym of a desired item to a communicative partner in exchange for that item. In doing that, the student initiates a communicative act for a concrete outcome within a social context. Then the student is taught to sequence a sentence using picsyms that are placed on a sentence strip. The sentence strip is then handed to the communication partner. 

PicSyms:  PicSyms are line drawn graphic symbols created using Boardmaker™ software. Boardmaker along with the three addendum libraries contains over 6000 symbols in color or black and white. Sign language addendums are also available.

Power Link 2 Control Unit or Power Link 3 Control Unit:  An environmental control unit that allows the student to operate small electrical appliances through switch access. The control unit has two double outlets and is durable, portable, and meets rigorous safety standards. It can be used with any age and in any setting. Use with a corded switch (Big Red Switch), cordless switch and receiver or AirLink Cordless Switch (AirLink works only with Power Link 3 Control Unit). Various options are available including turning on two appliances with one switch or operating two appliances with two different switches, etc.  

Rocking Plate:  A voice-output communication device offering two plates each with a ten second message. Picsyms or Object Communication Cards can be attached to each plate.

Sequencer:  A voice-output, one-button, sequential messaging communication device. Record messages in preset order to play back in succession. A total of 60 seconds of recorded time is available to use on 1 or 2 levels.

Sony Mavica Digital Camera:  This camera takes digital photos and stores on a floppy disk. Video/audio capabilities are available for up to 60 seconds per floppy disk.

Step-By-Step Communicator:  A voice-output, one button sequential messaging communication device. Record a sequence of any number of messages, up to a total of 75 seconds. Messages are recorded in a pre-set order to play back in succession.  

Taction Pad:  Clear, adhesive backed, flexible, touch sensitive, plastic patch activated by the slightest touch. When adhered to a surface or object, it acts like a switch. Taction pads are available in four different styles. Taction pads only work with Adaptivation's line of touch activated devices. Other devices can be used with them when interfaced with a Link Switch or the Switch Scanner, also available through Adaptivation.

TouchWindow®:  A touch screen that attaches over a computer monitor for direct selection. With a simple touch the computer responds and allows students to make selections, move objects, pull-down menus, and write with onscreen keyboards.