Computer Control Panel:

Control Panel of each computer has accessibility options. (The options available vary depending on the computer model and what has been previously installed. If there are options that a student needs, please contact the SFPS Assistive Technology Coordinator.)

To access the options: Start: Settings: Control Panel: Accessibility Options: Keyboard, Mouse, and/or Display.

Getting Started:  Instructions for Built-In Accessibility Options on the Computer

Built-In Accessibility Options On The Computer Instructions


    1.  StickyKeys: This will allow the student to use combinations of keys that are typically held down
        at the same time by pressing a sequence of keys one key at a time. For example, to capitalize a
        letter, the student would press shift and then press the letter to be capitalized but would not
        have to hold them down simultaneously.

    2.  Keyboard: Repeat delay This adjusts the amount of time that elapses before a character
       repeats when a key is held down. Students that access keys unintentionally may need a longer
       rate. This can eliminate the unwanted keystrokes.

    3.  Repeat rate: This adjusts the rate in which the character repeats as the key is held down.
       Students that may dwell on a key for longer periods of time may need a slower repeat rate to help
       eliminate unnecessary characters.

    4.  Cursor blink rate: This adjusts the rate or speed in which the cursor blinks while waiting for a key
       to be depressed.


Within the mouse controls, there are several options that can support the student using the mouse with the keyboard. Buttons option will allow the student to adjust the mouse click speed. Pointer option will allow the student to select a larger pointer size. Motion options will allow the student to select the speed at which the mouse will move across the screen and also how long the arrow pointer trail is.


Appearance options can allow the student to change the settings for screen elements such as color, font, and size, which enable the student to customize for reading the desktop and file icons and window menu bars. Students having visual acuity or visual-perceptual difficulties may benefit by experimenting with various background/font colors.