Step-By-Step Communicator:


A voice-output, one button sequential messaging communication device. Record a sequence of any number of messages, up to a total of 75 seconds. Messages are recorded in a pre-set order to play back in succession.

Getting Started:  Instructions for Step-By-Step Communicator

Step-By-Step Communicator Instructions

A total of 75 seconds of recording time is available on the Step-By-Step. All messages in a level must be recorded at one time. It is not possible to re-record or change just one message in a sequence.

To record and play back messages:

    1.  Turn on with the volume switch.

    2.  For record mode, press the record button two times and release.

    3.  Press and hold the surface of the Step-by-Step and record first message in sequence.

    4.  Release and press to record the second message.

    5.  Continue steps 3 and 4 until all messages in that level are recorded.

    6.  To move to second level, press record button three times and release. 

    7.  Follow steps 3 and 4 for that level.

    8.  Continue until all levels needed have been recorded.

    9.  When recording is complete, press the record button two times.


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