Power Link 2 Control Unit or Power Link 3 Control Unit:


An environmental control unit that allows the student to operate small electrical appliances through switch access. The control unit has two double outlets and is durable, portable, and meets rigorous safety standards. It can be used with any age and in any setting. Use with a corded switch (Big Red Switch), cordless switch and receiver or AirLink Cordless Switch (AirLink works only with Power Link 3 Control Unit). Various options are available including turning on two appliances with one switch or operating two appliances with two different switches, etc.

Getting Started:  Instructions for Power Link Control Units

Power Link Control Unit Instructions


To run electrical or battery operated devices with radio frequency


To set up Control Unit and cordless switch to operate an electrical device:

    1.  If using a corded switch, plug it into the switch jack on the Power Link.

    2.  If using an AirLink switch (for Power Link 3 models only), turn on the switch and aim the infrared
         on the front of the switch to the front of the Power Link 3 unit from up to 20 feet away.

    3.  Plug in the electrical device(s) into the Power Link control unit.

    4.  Turn the appliance or device on.

    5.  Plug the Power Link into the wall outlet.

    6.  Set the desired action (direct selection, timed, latch…) on the Power Link.

    7.  Press the switch to control the device that’s plugged into the Power Link.

    8.  If using a cordless switch, turn it on and make sure the switch and receiver are set to the same
         address code (matching letters) and plug the cordless receiver into the Power Link switch jack.