Microsoft Word® - Word Processing Options:

Student preferences for contrast between the background color and the text color, size of font, and type of font can all be changed within the MICROSOFT WORD PROGRAM. Once a document is open the settings may be changed and also saved for that document.

Getting Started:  Instructions for Microsoft Word® - Word Processing Options

Instructions for Microsoft Word® - Word Processing Options


To change background color and text color:

    1.  To change background color, go to Format

    2.  Select Background. Click on the background color that is desired.

    3.  To select Font, go to Format.

    4.  Select Font. Within this screen, the student can select font type, size, and color.

If the student has preferences that will be needed for each document that they type, it may be beneficial to set up a template and SAVE AS “(Student name)”. Each time the student opens the template saved as "(Student name)", previously set preferences will be available. Each time the student saves a new document, select Save As and rename the new document so that the original template isn't changed.

Note:  On SFPS computers where the Deep Freeze program is installed, when the student closes the program the options will not continue to be saved. The program will be reset back to its original default settings.