Cordless Big Red Switch:

A switch that allows for Cordless control of electrical and battery-powered devices from up to 25 feet away. Four modes of control:  direct, latch, timed seconds, and timed minutes. Works with either a Cordless Receiver or Small Appliance Receiver available from AbleNet.

Getting Started:  Instructions for Cordless Big Red Switch

Cordless Big Red Switch and Receiver Instructions


To set up Control System and Cordless Big Red switch to operate a battery device:

1.  Attach a battery device adapter (BDA) to battery-operated device.

2.  Turn on the device.

3.  Set the address code on receiver and Cordless Big Red switch to the same letter.

4.  Insert the plug on the Cordless Big Red switch into the battery device adapter.

5.  Select mode of control.

6.  Turn on Cordless Big Red switch and the receiver.

7.  Use the Cordless Big Red switch to operate the battery controlled device.

Modes of control: