A software program that is an easy-to-use talking word processor that enhances a student’s writing success. This program provides auditory output to allow the student to hear what they are writing in addition to seeing it. The speech options can be set so that the student can hear letters, words and/or sentences. In addition, Write:OutLoud provides an auditory and visual cue when a word is misspelled. The student then has the option to use the spell checker to select the correct spelling of a word either visually or auditorily (listen to how words are pronounced). Write:OutLoud can be used to read aloud text that has been entered (ie. presenting a report orally…).

Getting Started:  Instructions for Write:OutLoud

Write:OutLoud® Instructions

Open the Write:OutLoud Icon. As the program opens, a voice will say,  “Wait.” If no auditory output is heard, check that the sound on the computer is turned up.

The toolbar at the top of the Write:OutLoud window is very child/student friendly. The following functions can be carried out by clicking the toolbar:



1.  Navigation:


2.  Speech:  Important for writing success because it gives students immediate  
     auditory feedback.


3.  File Management:


4.  Content:


5.  Appearance:

Spelling Errors:  Spelling errors are indicated by a red bar at the top of the Write:OutLoud window and an auditory cue consisting of a chime.


Printing:  If the spacing of letters within and between words is off in your printed document, change the font to Times New Roman. Some younger children benefit from the Arial font as they work on their writing. If this is the case, change the font just prior to printing.


Tips for Individuals with Unique Needs:  Changing font size, colors and speech options can be beneficial for specific students. Consider large fonts for those with visual impairments, auditory review of work for students with learning differences and speech feedback for nonverbal students. As you work with Write:OutLoud, you will find options and settings that your students find most useful. When you save a document, the settings are saved with the file. If you want Write:OutLoud to start new files with specific settings, set the settings that the students likes and then select Save As Default (Options menu) to save the current settings of font, color, spacing, alignment, margins, etc. These will be the default settings for all new documents.