Time Scales:


A software program that allows students to match times, choose times from multiple choice, or set the clock. It addresses various levels of difficulty: hours, minutes, and the difference between two times. Students may choose from various clock faces, digital time, time in words or audio cue only.

Getting Started:  Instructions for Time Scales

Time Scales Instructions
    1.  Once installed on your computer double click on the Time Scales icon.

    2.  Choose one of three possible objectives:

    3.  Choose one of two possible activities:     4.  Problems are presented visually with the voice output option.

    5.  Auditory cues indicate to the student if the answer is right or wrong.

    6.  A score is given when problems are completed.

    7.  Click on Done to return to main menu.


Ideas on how to use:

      1.  Practice identifying and setting times using only a verbal cue.

      2.  Practice telling time using traditional clock faces and/or digital clocks.

      3.  Use a clock manipulative to follow along with finding earlier and later times.