SFSD IntelliTools® CD:


This CD contains 40 different activities that teach a variety of skills. Optional IntelliKeys® overlays are included for use of the IntelliKeys expanded keyboard with each of the programs. 

Getting Started:  Instructions for SFSD IntelliTools CD

Sioux Falls School District IntelliTools® CD Instructions


Download IntelliPics® Player from here if it is not already installed on your computer. Select the download on your desktop.  When done downloading, double click on 'intellipics player.exe' to install the IntelliPics® Player. IntelliPics player will now be installed onto your C drive and can be found under Start: Programs: IntelliTools: IntelliPics Player.

    1.  Insert SFSD IntelliTools® CD.

2.  Choose desired IntelliPics program from CD and click on it to open. IntelliPics
         Player should be opened automatically.  . (if it doesn't load automatically then 
         first open IntelliPics Player and then open the desired program from the CD).
    3.  Choose send overlay under menu bar if using IntelliKeys® keyboard and overlays.

4.  Interact with the program using the mouse (select and click), IntelliKeys or switch
         (connect into switch port on the side of the IntelliKeys keyboard).