Independent Living Software:

     Software featuring 10 different programs to reinforce
independent living activities. Titles include: 

1.  Dial the Phone:  This activity provides students the opportunity to practice dialing the phone. Once the number is dialed on-screen, the call is completed and the student sees the call being made. Uses realistic sounds.

2.  Dress:  Students must help pick out the most appropriate clothes to match the photo of the weather. Two clothing choices are presented.

3.  What’s Needed:  Students help find common objects that are necessary for the situation. The student must pick what’s needed from among 3 photo choices.

4.  Grocery Shop:  Students identify what aisle or department items are located in.  Photographs are used to show the item along with a written list. Over 40 items to shop for.

5.  Identify Money:  Activities to identify money by name, asks for money by value, and allows the student to pick out the correct bills & coins from among realistic choices to pay a cashier in a store.

6.  Identify Sounds:  After hearing a realistic sound the student must identify what was heard by selecting the corresponding photograph.

7.  Order at McDonalds®:  Helps students recognize the printed words of a McDonalds menu. A photograph is displayed and the student must select the corresponding word from the menu.

8.  Read A Clock:  Students match activities to a specific time shown with three different clock faces. Students are to select the clock face with the correct time.

9.  Read Community Signs:  Students are presented four common community signs at once. With an auditory prompt to find one, the student is to select the corresponding sign.

10. Read Functional Words:  Students are presented five word signs and auditorily prompts the student to find one of them. If a prompt is necessary, the word or phrase is displayed within its environmental context.