Amazing Writing Machine: 

Writing software that assists students by suggesting topics to get them started or to continue when a prompt is needed. The program can suggest words, pictures, and sounds to make writing more interesting.

Getting Started:  Instructions for Amazing Writing Machine

Amazing Writing Machine Instructions

To Install:

    1.  Insert CD

    2.  Go through install steps on CD

    3.  Select Start: Settings: Control Panel

    4.  Select Display

    5.  Select Settings: Colors: 256: OK


To Run:

    1.  Select Start: Programs: Broderbund: AWM

    2.  Select Writing Choice:  Essay, Letter, Story, Poem, or Journal

    3.  Select Write or Spin Selector for prewritten project idea.

    4.  All applications have graphic options.

Features include:

A.  Letter A:  Font
B.  Detective Symbol:  Secret Coder to change text into code form of letter sequences,
     numbers, or symbols.
C.  Eye Symbol:  Rebus pictures/symbols to use in place of text.
D.  Light Bulb Symbol:  Bright ideas to provide writing prompts.
E.  Robot Symbol:  Reader Robot to read text aloud with 8 voices available.
F.  Pencil Symbol:  Wacky Pencil
G.  Brush Symbol:  Wacky Brush
H.  Paint Can Symbol:  Paint Can
I.   Rubber Stamp Symbol:  Rubber Stamp
J.   Truck Symbol:  Moving Van to capture and move part or all of your drawing.
K.   Eraser Symbol:  Erase